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This is a common problem. First make sure that you are sending them your PUBLIC ip, and you are using your PRIVATE ip. If you are, then there is only one explination: there is a problem with port forwarding.

If you already have portforwarded, then something must have changed. The most common in my experinece is that your local ip has changed since you did it. You can log back into your router and update it, or if you don't want to do that every time, I recommend you add a DHCP rule which reserves a specific local ip for your computer (optional).

If you haven't portforwarded yet, I have just the answer for you ;) How do I port forward?


There is currently a bug in the program, which occurs when you try to update (or launch for the first time) Spigot or Bukkit. The full error goes something like this:


Oh boy.. failed to download versions from

Reason: failed to locate the table on yivesmirror.


So what does this mean? I have bad news :\

Unfortunately, Spigot and Bukkit are currently down, because the website (viyesmirror) the program downloaded them from stopeed supporting them. This might mean the end of the bukkit + spigot support, but hopefully I will be able to implement new server types like Paper, and others.
Please be patient, I am doing my best to fix this problem, but I have finals coming up, and I have to sudy. Thank you for understaning!


This question cannot be easily answered. The solution depends on the particular error, and belive me there are as many errors as there are computers.

First you need to locate the error message. The error is most likely hidden in the text in your server console. If you don't find it, that means that the error was muted for some reason. The log will give you a link to a full log file, which contatins every output message, and if you scroll down you should see a part containing every error message.

Please check if you see anything in the log that is mentioned in other questions on this site, you might find your answer there (for example *FAILED TO BIND PORT* or ' Error occurred during initialization of VM. Could not reserve enough space for object heap. ')

The second thing you need to do is check if the error contains the word 'java' for example ' java.lang.everythingisbad(null,null) '. If it does, than I have semi-bad news for you. The error is not caused by any of my code, it's in your server's files. In this case the only solution is to google the error, since it's not my code and if you asked me I would google it too.

If you didn't find the soltion in other questions and googling didn't help, feel free to contact me , and hopefully we can work something out.


If you see this error, Your Minecraft is cracked, turn online mode off in the server settings. See the question below


So just to be clear, I do not support piracy. If you like the game BUY IT.


But don't worry, you can still play if you haven't bought the game. All you need to do is turn the online mode option off in the server settings. (It's on the first page). Next time you restart your server, and try to join, it won't try to authenticate you, and you and your pirate friends will be able to play


Errors while starting server

The FAILED TO BIND PORT is not a very rare error when you deal with running servers. It occurs when the server tries to launch but it fails to use the port specified in the server settings.

The potential fixes:

1) Make sure the port and the ip settings are right. Make sure that the ip in your server settings is set to your current LOCAL(!) ip. If you're not sure what that is, you can just leave it empty.

2) If you are lucky the problem is caused by a previous server still running in the background and preventing your server from using the same port. You can fix it by opening the windows task manager, and close all java processes. If there were none, or the problem still occurs than this was not the problem.

3) If you are less lucky, than a service is already using the port the server tries to, but if you are using the default minecraft port (25565) then this is very unlikely, so if you do then you can skip to the next paragraph. If you have changed the port, than I recommend going back to it.

4) The most common reason behind this is a problem with port-forwarding. If the server was working at some point, then make sure your local ip has not changed since then. If you haven't even port forwarded, or you have but it's still not working, you should check out the other FAQ questions about port-forwarding.


The fix:

This error is caused by java not being able to reserve enough RAM for the server. You can fix it by lowering the RAM setting on the 'advanced' tab in your server's settings, and closing every running programs freeing up some RAM.

How do I know how much RAM I have avaliable?

Open the task manager (right-click on the system tray and select 'task manager', or press ctrl + alt + delete and select it there), and click on the 'performance' tab. On the left you should be able to see a graph titled 'Memory' and it tells you how much is currently used, and how much you have installed in your computer.

I'm sure I have enough RAM, but I'm still getting the error

Don't worry, there is a fix for that too. The problem is in java, so you will have to uninstall the java version you have currently installed (recommended) and install the latest version from here . Make sure that you download the x64 version if your system is x64. You can find out if it is by pressing the windows key and the break key on your keyboard at the same time. A window should appear Telling you the 'System type'. 64-bit means that you need the x64 version, 32 means you should download the normal java verion.


If you are getting the "Failed to launch server. Please reinstall Java" error, here's what you have to do.

  1. Navigate to this link, and download Java. IMPORTANT! If your Windows is 64 bit, download the 64 bit java version!!!
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Try launching the server now. If you still get the same error, you will need to add Java to PATH. (Don't worry if you don't know what that is, just google a tutorial)

And fixed!


Port forwarding

First of all, if you wish to avoid port-forwarding manually, you should give the built in port forwarder a shot. (You need to be a premium user to use it, but don't worry premium is free if you choose not to donate for it, it's ok ;) )

You will find the 'open port' button on the first page of the server settings window, right next to the ip and port option. If it gives you an error message, that means that one or more of the following things is wrong:

  1. UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) is not supported/disabled on yout computer/router
  2. Your firewall got mad
  3. The program might need to be run as administrator

If you don't know how to fix any of these, or it just doesn't seem to fix the problem, than I have bad news (which are really not that bad). You need to do it manually.

I can't tell you how to do it, since it depends on the brand of your router, or on the setup of your network. But there are many great tutorials online, so I'm sure you will be able to find just what you need.


Google search 'How to port forward'

Youtube search 'How to port forward'


Port forwarding is quite a bit more difficult to explain than to do. So I'm not even gonna try, this dude did a prerfect job


Account & Premium

It's really not. If you didn't choose to pay for premium you get access to the same features, there is no difference at all. I didn't want to handicap people who can't afford or simply don't want to pay for a simple software.


There are two simple ways to find it out

1) When you are in a server's settings, or you are running a server you can click on the 'Premium' tab. If you have upgraded to premium successfully you will see a pretty picture of my face and a big text telling you that you are a premium user, and your premium activation code. Don't let the donate button on the bottom fool you, it's only there to those users who changed their minds about donating. If you are not premium you will either see a log in window, or the first sreen that leads you to the domain of awesomeness.

2) On the top right you will see a button with your email address (or username if I ever implement it and forget to update this text). If you click it you will see a window showing you your accont info. On the very first page it will tell you what's up.



I know you hate registering to another service, I undersand. So here's my reasoning behind creating yet another user base is the following:

The program introduces a couple of paid feautes like a custom ip. Also, the premium feature is a very important part of the program, it's kind of my allowance but instead of my parents giving it to me for existing, a couple of very nice people support my work.

If you wanted to upgrade to premium, AND buy a custom ip, that would mean that you had to register twice in the same app. I'm hoping to add more features in the future. What a drag would registering for all of them be?

I know not many people were wandering this, but I just wanted to say that I'm not fishing for your personal data, I'm not even flooding you with e-mails. As of writing this I haven't sent a message yet.


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